3mg Eliquid

3mg e-liquids are best suited for vapers who previously considered themselves as light smokers, which is equivalent to 1 to 5 cigarettes a day. Unless mixed with a 0mg vape juice, 3mg vape juices contain the lowest amount of nicotine available, making them equally suitable for those who are gradually reducing their intake.

Converting to 0.3% in nicotine content, these e-liquids offer a mild throat hit without compromising on flavour distribution. As a general rule in the world of vaping, the weaker the e-liquid, the lower the nicotine delivery and throat hit will be.

Find a new favourite flavour and excite your taste buds with our broad range of 3mg e-liquids in varying ratios and types, all from the best vape manufacturers in the industry. Choose from classic tobacco blends, candy concoctions, fruity mixes, and much more! Feeling puzzled on which e-liquid strength is best for you? Read our helpful beginner’s guide to vaping nicotine here.

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