12mg Eliquid

12mg e-liquid is the best option for those who previously considered themselves as medium to heavy smokers, which is the equivalent to smoking 6 to 10 or more cigarettes per day. Vapers may also decide to move up to 12mg nicotine concentrations if they find that low to medium strengths aren’t high enough to satisfy their cravings.

Converting to 1.2% nicotine content, 12mg vape juices provide a balanced, pronounced throat hit while remaining big on flavour. 12mg e-liquids essentially sit between the higher end of the medium strength e-liquid options, and the lower end of the high strength e-liquid options.

From daringly sharp to succulently sweet blends, we stock 12mg e-liquids of varying ratios and types to fit every taste preference, all from bestselling vape brands. If you need any further help with deciding which nicotine strength is best for you, we highly recommend reading our beginner’s guide to vaping nicotine which you can find here.

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