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Mint Tea Eliquid

Mint tea e-liquid is perfect for those looking for a fresh flavour a little bit different to the usual menthols and mints. Mint tea e-liquids tend to be more floral and earthy in taste, much like the beloved beverage. You’ll find that, perhaps surprisingly, mint tea is regularly mixed with other flavours to create some unique e-liquids. A standout example is Wild Roots Mint Tea + Rhubarb flavour, which combines subtle tea with punchy rhubarb masterfully. 

Mint tea e-liquids can be rare, but when they appear they are usually delicious. You can find them in most vape juice types, including 50/50 and shortfill. We recommend this flavour for those who enjoy menthol and are looking to broaden their horizons. Mint tea e-liquids also make fantastic all-day vapes thanks to their subtle flavour and pleasant aroma

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