Mint Eliquids

Mint e-liquids are the kings of the refreshing vape taste and are certainly up there with menthol. Mint actually comes in a staggering variety in the vaping world. You’ll find spearmint, peppermint, and even mint tea. These all offer a different take on the mint flavour, but all are completely delicious and refreshing.

You’ll often find mint mixed in with other flavours. Fruit, dessert and drink e-liquids all make use of mint’s uniquely refreshing qualities to create some great vape juices. Many of these flavours are aimed at being all-day vape flavours because of the cooling influence of mint.

Mint vape juices are absolutely everywhere and you’ll find them in whatever variety of e-liquid you prefer. Mint flavours are a great start for new vapers because of their pleasant and familiar taste - they really bring the best out of what vaping can offer!

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