OXVA is known as one of the fastest-growing e-cig brands on the market to date, and its product offering proves why!

This vape brand is fearless when it comes to innovation, offering a host of industry-leading products that have truly transformed the vaping experience as we know it.

With their dedication to producing the finest quality products, OXVA continues to deliver performance-focused vaping excellence.

Ever wondered what OXVA stands for? Broken down, OXVA consists of OX, a powerful work animal which you can rely on. The remaining two letters, VA, signifies the first half of the word vape. All OXVA products undergo complex safety monitoring methods to ensure that each one is as reliable as the next.

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Which OXVA vape kit should I choose?

Choosing the best OXVA vape kit for you will depend on your needs and inhalation preference. If you’re new to vaping, their Origin X pod kit and the OXVA Xlim pod kit are both excellent choices due to their user-friendly features. For Direct-to-Lung vapers, we best recommend using their OXVA Vativ kit and the Origin Mini pod kit due to their fearless performance.

How do I use the OXVA Origin X pod kit?

The OXVA Origin X pod kit operates via two separate buttons. To turn the device on and off, simply press the fire button five times. To lock the device, press this button three times. The other button found below the screen allows you to adjust your device’s wattage output from 5W to 60W.

How do I use the OXVA Xlim pod kit?

To turn the OXVA Xlim pod kit device on or off, simply click the button five times. By clicking the button three times, you’ll be able to increase the wattage. To lock your preferred wattage in place, simply leave it for a few seconds and the XLIM will do its thing!

How do I use OXVA replacement vape pods?

Intended for use with specific pod kits, OXVA’s replacement vape pods can easily be refilled with your favourite flavours. Many of OXVA’s replacement pods contain built-in coils, meaning once it has burnt out, you can simply remove the pod from your device and pop in a new one before filling it with an e-liquid. For the best results, always make sure to check which replacement pods are compatible with your chosen kit.

Where are OXVA based?

OXVA is a widely recognised vape brand that has expanded beyond its birthplace. They’re based in multiple locations across the globe, however their headquarters is in Shenzhen, China.

Who are OXVA vape products recommended for?

To ensure your safety, we only stock disposable devices that have passed rigorous testing protocols.

What is the best disposable vape?

OXVA is a dependable choice for any complete beginner or experienced vaper who is looking to expand their collection. Whether you’re after a new kit or replacement parts, this industry-defining brand has it all!