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Your Guide To Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD provides a totally different experience compared to traditional nicotine e-liquids. While there are a similar array of wild and punchy flavours, CBD e-liquids give vape clouds a pleasantly unique taste.

At E-liquids.com, we’ve got everything a vaper interested in trying CBD could ever need, including Vitality CBD vape juices as well as CANABAR CBD + CBG disposable vapes which contain pre-filled fruity flavours. Let’s delve into the exciting world of CBD and see how it fits in with vaping!

What is CBD?

First thing’s first, let’s break down CBD.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychotropic compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. It’s important to note that CBD is not the same as THC, (tetrahydrocannabinol), the intoxicating compound capable of producing a “high” effect.

So far, experts understand that CBD plays an important role in helping to stabilise our endocannabinoid system (ECS), a complex network in the body which regulates our immune and nervous system. 

Preclinical and clinical studies from around the world have concluded that CBD has the potential to provide a host of therapeutic benefits, and according to the World Health Organisation, CBD is “generally well tolerated” with no dependence potential. 

Best enjoyed as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, many users have claimed that CBD has helped to improve their sleep cycle, aid with the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms, and even provide relief from inflammation and chronic pain. 

What are CBD e-liquids?

CBD e-liquids are simply flavoured liquids that are vaporised and inhaled as vapour, all rigorously tested to remain safe for use. Vaping is one of the most efficient ways to take CBD, not to mention delicious!

What do CBD e-liquids contain?

You’ll find that CBD e-liquids are made up from only a few simple ingredients, with many being used in MHRA approved foods and medicine. Here’s a summary of the key ingredients!

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Why take CBD e-liquids?

CBD e-liquids have become an increasingly popular method of taking CBD since it’s one of the quickest ways to dose it. By far, vaping has the highest bioavailability of any method of CBD ingestion, so if you’re looking for a rapid onset, vaping is your best bet.

What does bioavailability mean?

When you ingest a compound, whether it’s a medicine or even just a vitamin supplement, it has a bioavailability score. The higher that score, the higher the amount of the given compound makes it into your bloodstream. Since that stream is the main transport route around the body, typically a higher bioavailability is best. 

Due to their higher molecule dispersion, vaporised CBD clouds are more easily absorbed through the cell walls. Not only that, but since CBD e-liquid is inhaled into the lungs, the vast array of blood vessels there give CBD an easy passage into the bloodstream.

Which vape device should I use with CBD e-liquids?

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How long do CBD e-liquids take to work?

After vaping CBD, the effects will come on in a few minutes and last for around four hours. As we learnt earlier, this turnaround is due to the increased bioavailability - this just means that your body will find it very easy to process the ingested hemp compounds.

The efficiency of this ingestion is reassuring, since it shows how easily CBD can be integrated into our body’s endocannabinoid system. 

Since the effects come on quicker and end faster, vaping CBD does require more frequent dosing throughout the day. 

Can you mix nicotine into CBD e-liquids?

It’s possible to mix CBD e-liquids with other additives and flavourings, but the best CBD experience is always achieved by vaping CBD e-liquids in their original form. As CBD is known to cause the nicotine to separate, it’s never advised to mix CBD e-liquids with nicotine.

How do CANABAR disposable vapes work?

Co-developed by CBD industry leaders Vitality CBD, CANABAR disposable vapes are packed with 500mg of CANABAR’s signature CBD + CBG blend, offering easy dosing and smooth throat hits. There’s no charging or filling involved with these devices - simply choose your favourite flavour and enjoy! 

Each CANABAR disposable device contains 2.3ml of e-liquid and a 400mAh battery which lasts up to 700 puffs. Every puff delivers 0.7mg of CBD efficiently into your bloodstream, meaning only 100 puffs is needed to reach the recommended 70mg daily dose.

What flavours are CANABAR disposable vapes available in?

CANABAR disposable vapes are available in the choice of 6 enjoyable flavours, each as satisfying as the next! Choose from Blue Razz, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry + Watermelon, Grapeberry Lemonade, Raspberry + Pineapple, and Mango + Guava Ice.

Do CANABAR disposable vapes contain nicotine?

No, CANABAR disposable vaping devices contain zero nicotine and are loaded with a harmonious blend of CBD and CBG to help support your everyday well-being.

What is CBG?

Another compound extracted from the hemp plant, CBG can also be easily integrated into the body to promote internal balance. Although CBD and CBG are both sourced from the hemp plant, they are non-psychotropic which means they’ll never get you high.

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