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Just Jam E-liquids

Just Jam is a fantastic example of a quintessentially British e-liquid brand! Taking inspiration from British delicacy flavours, Just Jam has everything that you could expect. You’ll certainly find some comforting homemade favourites among their range, all in 100ml/200ml shortfill form.

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Which Just Jam flavour should I try first?

There are so many delicious Just Jam flavours to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one. If you’re looking for something more savoury than sweet, then their On Toast and On Scone flavours are perfect. For more fruity flavours, their Apricot and Blackcurrant Summer Jams are a wonderful option. With 100ml/200ml shortfill sizing, there’s plenty of Just Jam e-liquid to go around!

What other ranges do Just Jam have?

Just Jam has a number of ranges from their Jam Originals to their Jam Biscuits, Just Jam Sponge, Just Jam Nic Salts and Just Jam Summer Jams. There’s a Just Jam flavour for every occasion!

What ingredients are in Just Jam e-liquids?

Like most if not all e-liquids, Just Jam’s vape juices contain a mix of VG and PG as well as high-quality food flavourings. As Just Jam creates shortfill e-liquids, all of their juices include a 70%VG/30%PG ratio, meaning they are best suited for higher-powered sub-ohm/DTL vaping devices.

Who is Just Jam for?

Just Jam is a brilliant choice for any vaper who can’t get enough of sweet treats, particularly if you’re a fan of UK desserts and typical British snacks!