Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vape

The Lost Mary QM600 disposable is slight in build, but powerful in both flavour and performance. These inhale-activated devices are ready to use once removed from the box. Prefilled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid, they deliver silky-smooth throat hits for up to 600 puffs. Available in a variety of flavours, including fruit-based and tobacco, you’re spoilt for choice when selecting blends from this new range.

Elf Bar Flavours Profiles

Triple Mango Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vapes
Triple Mango
This Lost Mary QM600 device provides a full-on exotic Mango flavour filled with ripe and juicy fruit hits.
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Throat Hit
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Triple Mango
Cherry Ice
Blueberry Raspberry Pomegranate
Blue Sour Raspberry
Blueberry Raspberry
Blue Razz Cherry
Mad Blue
Cherry Peach Lemonade
Red Apple Ice
Marybull Ice
Strawberry Kiwi
Peach Strawberry Watermelon Ice
Pink Lemonade
Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
Watermelon Ice
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Available Flavours

  • Apple Peach,
  • Banana Ice,
  • Blue Razz Lemonade,
  • Blueberry,
  • Blueberry Raspberry,
  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry,
  • Cherry,
  • Cherry Cola,
  • Coconut Melon,
  • Cola,
  • Cotton Candy Ice,
  • Cream Tobacco,
  • Elf Berg,
  • Energy Ice,
  • Energy Strawberry,
  • Grape,
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava,
  • Lemon Tart,
  • Lychee Ice,
  • Mad Blue,
  • Mango,
  • Mango Milk Ice,
  • Peach Ice,
  • Pineapple Peach Mango,
  • Pink Grapefruit,
  • Pink Lemonade,
  • Spearmint,
  • Strawberry Banana,
  • Strawberry Energy,
  • Strawberry Ice,
  • Strawberry Ice Cream,
  • Strawberry Kiwi,
  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice,
  • Watermelon.

What is an Elf Bar?

The Elf Bar is one of the many popular disposable devices that are now available on the market! This fully disposable draw-activated device is fitted with a 550mAh built-in battery and a 2ml 20mg nic salt flavour of your choice, eliminating the need for e-liquid refills and coil changes. The result? A simple and accessible vaping experience for everyone!

Who are these devices recommended for?

Due to their simple designs and pre-filled nic salts, these devices are best suited for complete beginners who are switching from smoking to vaping. However, these disposables are also popular among on-the-go vapers as an alternative discreet device.

How do disposable devices work?

Unlike larger sub-ohm devices, these disposable devices don't include any complicated buttons or screens to navigate through. Instead, they can be operated by inhaling through the mouthpiece found at the top of the device, which provides an experience similar to smoking. Simply take a draw from your device and the integrated battery will instantly heat up the in-built coil and vaporise the e-liquid inside!

How much nicotine is in each 600 bar?

Each of these disposable bars contains a pre-filled 2ml 20mg nicotine salt inside the device.

What type of e-liquid is included in 600 disposable vapes?

Each Elf Bar disposable vape is pre-filled with a 2ml 20mg nicotine salt which is the best type of e-liquid for beginner vapers who have recently quit smoking and are trying to curb their cravings. Nic salts are known for their intensely smooth throat hits and rapid nicotine delivery, providing a similar experience to what you’d expect while smoking a cigarette.

How will I know when my 600 disposable device is finished?

Once all puffs have been used up, you’ll begin to notice a decline in your disposable bar’s vapour production and flavour delivery. Once this happens, simply replace your device and vape on.

What are the best 600 flavours?

Watermelon, Pink Lemonade and Energy Ice are all top-rated flavours from this brand. For a full top Elf bar flavours list, make sure to read our quick guide here!

How long does a 600 disposable last?

These disposable vapes offer up to 500-600 puffs, which is the equivalent to approximately 50 cigarettes. If you consider yourself a light smoker, this device should last you around three to four days. For heavier smokers, you can expect this device to last for up to two days. How long your device lasts will also vary depending on how frequently you vape and how long your draws are.

Are 600 devices safe to use?

Yes, all Elf Bar disposables are safe to use. At, we only stock products from officially licensed manufacturers with safety approved products.

Why does my Elf Bar taste burnt?

If you can taste a burnt flavour while using your device, this means that there is not enough e-liquid inside to saturate the cotton wick. Simply dispose of your device, replace, and enjoy!

How many different flavours are there?

Elf Bar has multiple disposable devices with varying designs, puff counts and battery capacities, all with individual pre-filled flavours inside. They’ve made every flavour you could possibly want, ranging from fruits and drinks to desserts, candy, tobacco and menthol. Explore their full range and choose from dozens of disposable ranges in hundreds of flavours!

Can you refill or recharge disposable devices?

As these devices have been designed for the ultimate ease of use, they cannot be refilled with e-liquid or recharged.