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Double Drip Eliquid

Double Drip is a premium e-liquid range with a flavoursome offering of dessert-inspired sugary treats and fruit fusions, all packaged in stand-out bottles that are hard to miss. If you’re after massive cloud production and huge flavours, you’ve found it with Double Drip!

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Which Double Drip nicotine strength should I choose?

Double Drip offers nicotine strengths from 0mg-6mg. If you’re new to vaping and unsure of which nicotine strength you require, we best recommend starting off low and building your way up.

Which e-liquid types do Double Drip offer?

Double Drip offers both 50/50s and shortfills meaning you’ve got the option to vape with or without nicotine. There’s a diverse array of flavours to choose from including classic dessert combos and fruit mixes bursting with exotic freshness, all sure to satisfy your cravings.

Which Double Drip flavours are the most popular?

Whether you’re looking for sweet or tart blends, there’s plenty of delicious Double Drip flavour profiles to choose from. These indulgent e-liquids truly cater towards all palates! Their most popular flavours include Raspberry Sherbet, a deliciously tangy fruit and confectionery flavour and Heisendrip, a bold berry blend topped with a cool icy finish. If you’re a candy fan, take a trip down memory lane with their Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles flavour or their Strawberry Laces and Sherbet flavour, both guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Which vape device should I use with Double Drip e-liquids?

When vaping with Double Drip 50/50 e-liquids, make sure that you’re using a lower-powered MTL pod kit. Their shortfill e-liquids are compatible with DTL/sub-ohm devices.