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What are disposable vapes?

While incredibly compact and lightweight, these devices have quickly become the next BIG device for vapers to have in hand! The reason behind their popularity is simple: disposable devices include a set “puff count”, built-in batteries and are prefilled with the best e-liquid flavours, all without the maintenance of swapping out components. As such, they’re a fantastic and affordable choice for new vapers/ex-smokers as well as more experienced vapers searching for a discreet, on-the-go device. Once all puffs have been used, simply discard your device and repeat!

Can these be refilled and recharged?

These devices have been designed for the ultimate ease of use, they cannot be refilled with e-liquid or recharged.

How do disposable devices work?

Unlike larger sub-ohm devices, disposable bars don’t include any complicated buttons or screens to navigate through. Instead, these devices are operated by inhaling through the top of the device, which provides an experience that is similar to smoking. Simply take a draw from your device and the integrated battery will instantly heat up the in-built coil and vaporise the e-liquid inside!

What type of e-liquids and strengths are included?

The most common variety of e-liquids and strengths in each bar devices are 2ml 10mg or 20mg nicotine salts. Due to their smoother throat hit and quicker nicotine absorption rate, higher-strength nic salts are able to replicate the sensation of smoking.

How long do these last?

These kits have a set amount of puffs known as a “puff count”. Most disposable bars offer around 500-600 puffs, which is equivalent to approximately 45 cigarettes. The longevity of your device will vary depending on how often you vape and the length of your draws. If you’re planning on a short trip such as a festival or a weekend away, we best recommend taking a few spare disposables with you.

Are disposable devices safe to use?

To ensure your safety, we only stock disposable devices that have passed rigorous testing protocols.

What is the best disposable bar out there?

There’s a vast selection of brands and flavours available to choose from on the market, with familiar brands including Geekvape, Moreish Puff, and Careless having even released their own! Among the most popular choices include YOLO Bars, Elf Bars, Geek Bars and more!

Which brand has the best flavour?

With its sun-kissed fresh fruity notes, YOLO’s Watermelon Ice takes our top spot as the best flavour!

How will I know when my device is empty?

Once all puffs have been used up, you’ll begin to notice a decline in your disposable bar’s vapour production and flavour delivery. Once this happens, simply replace your device and vape on!

Why buy?

Disposable are one of the latest innovations in the industry. Ideal for complete beginners or those looking for a travel-friendly device, disposable kits are prefilled with e-liquid flavours, fitted with built-in batteries and offer a set “puff count”, meaning they do not need to be refilled or recharged!