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Spice up Your Vaping Life

Made the switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping? Or are you simply keen to see what vaping entails?

In the past few years, vaping has transitioned from being a social trend to a cultural staple. With this being the case, there are several new ways to enjoy vaping- ranging from new kits to unique disposable devices. An activity you take part in every day can often become mundane, but this needn’t be the case with vaping. There are plenty of ways to keep your experience exciting, and this article will reveal some of the juiciest tactics! (See what we did there?)

Take a look at these eight different ways in which you can keep vaping fresh;

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Now this is a fairly obvious one. If you’re finding vaping a tad repetitive, it’s a good idea to try new flavours as well as new brands. 

Are you a fruit fan? Maybe try a dessert-based e-liquid! There are a plethora of delicious dessert-inspired shortfills currently on the market. Such as the all new Fugly but Sweet range, featuring flavours such as Caramel Blondie and Blue Raspberry Cream Pie!

We know playing it safe has its benefits, but to avoid your vaping experience becoming dull and uninspiring, switch it up from time to time! You may just find your new favourite flavour!

Introduce Flavours into Your Daily Routine

Your vape choice can have a positive influence on your day to day life. You can satisfy your urges in the most effective way possible when vaping. Need to perk yourself up in the morning? Try a nice, ice menthol disposable! A clean crisp hit to get you ready for the day ahead! This is perfection if you’re trying to improve your concentration, or if you don’t happen to have any caffeine handy.

Sweet tooth after lunch? A fruit or dessert-themed vape juice could be just the tonic! Basing your day around your vaping activity can be quite entertaining!

Try a Different Vaping Method

There are a few different ways to enjoy vaping nowadays, why not try some? We know disposables seem to be the ‘in thing’, but you should try getting yourself a kit. Different devices have different capabilities, take the box mod kit for example. With a box mod, you have a chargeable device in which you can fill it up with different e-liquids. You can also adjust the strength of your inhale, meaning the device is tailored to your preferences. Stuck in the disposable cycle? Get yourself a kit! Explore a new vaping world! This ties nicely into our next suggestion…

Vape Tricks

Admit it, vape tricks are pretty cool! There’s something about a thick, cloud of smoke shaped like an ‘O’ floating through the air that just captures your attention! Now of course, there is a particular technique required to pull this off, but it’s most certainly within your capabilities to learn! Before you know it you’ll be producing smoke animals- how amazing would that be?!

Join a Vaping Community

There are many just like you who love vaping- why not pick their brains and absorb their wisdom? Use other people’s knowledge to create a better vaping life for yourself! A wise man once said

“you may not be able to think of an original idea, but you can always make an existing one better.”

Touch base will fellow vapers and soak up what they have to offer. Need pointing in the right direction? Try’s official Facebook, or become part of a large community on the ever-popular PlanetoftheVapes forum!


With vape devices coming in all shapes and sizes, why not try matching one to your look? With disposables in particular, they’re available in a variety of colours! No matter what your outfit of the day is, there will be a vape to match it perfectly! This would also present the opportunity to try a new flavour. Let’s face it, even if you don’t like the flavour you opted for, at least you look fantastic!

Check Out Vaping Influencers

Who better to learn from than people who vape for a living? They’re bound to have some hints and tips they can pass on, from accessorising to vaping do’s and don'ts. Check out some of the most popular vape influencers, such as Milly Moon and Brendan Black- what works for them could work for you!

Take A Tolerance Break

Now… hear us out! As much as the thought of not vaping is torture, tolerance breaks can be beneficial in the long run! Ever heard of vaper’s tongue? Well for those who aren’t down with the kids, vaper’s tongue is when you essentially overdo it on your device so the taste is subdued. If you’re continually hitting your vape, day in day out, naturally you start to build a tolerance. Take a small break- maybe a week or two, and then feel the effects of a fresh palate when it’s over! 

For a step by step manual on vaping check out our official guide beginners vape guide!

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