Real vs Fake Vaping Devices: How to Tell the Difference

Real vs Fake Devices

Inevitably, as more vape brands have emerged and technology has continued to improve, fraudulent businesses have seized this opportunity to replicate and sell counterfeit vape goods. Not only is this unlawful, but it can also be potentially dangerous for the buyer. A fake, low-quality vape device can present a multitude of issues for the user, including restricted controls and faulty safety protections which can cause fires.

In line with TPD/TRPR regulations, it is illegal for UK vape stores to sell vape products above an e-liquid capacity of 2ml and a nicotine strength of 20mg. All vape products must be registered and approved on the MHRA website, and must contain nicotine warnings on the product packaging.

Understandably, compared to authentic vape devices, replica vape products provide an unsatisfactory vaping experience, which can lead to taking up smoking again. The solution to not falling victim to fake vape devices is finding a reputable supplier of Eliquid & Vape products!

In this guide, we’ll be explaining how to check the authenticity of vape products from leading brands in the industry.


Since entering the market in 2013, Aspire have continued to produce premium vape products that utilise among the best technology and designs. Subsequently, many copies of their vape products are being manufactured and distributed to unsuspecting retailers and consumers.

To help ensure the authenticity of their products, Aspire has introduced a 3-step product verification system. On all of Aspire’s goods, customers will be able to view a 3D hologram sticker displaying the word “GENUINE”, as well as a QR code which directs to Aspire’s official website.

From there, customers can use the scratch off panel displayed on this sticker to reveal their verification code. This sticker can be located on the other side of Aspire’s product boxes, usually found at the bottom.


As a leading brand in the vape industry, VOOPOO have also become susceptible to counterfeit versions of their products. To protect their customers against fraudulent products, VOOPOO now have a robust authenticity check system in place.

Customers will be able to find a sticker on their VOOPOO device which contains a security code. Once this verification code has been entered on VOOPOO’s official website, customers can feel rest assured that they’ve bought the real deal.


Geekvape is another top brand on the market with an array of enviable vape products to choose from. As such, a number of retailers and consumers are coming across forged Geekvape products from dishonest sellers. In particular, Geekvape’s Geek Bar disposable vape device has seen an influx of fake replicas due to its extensive popularity. You can check the authenticity of your Geek Bar device here.

To check if any other Geekvape product is genuine, simply locate their Scratch and Check sticker located at the back of the product’s package. This will reveal a serial number, which can be entered in a Security Verification box via Geekvape’s official website.


SMOK is among one of the most recognisable e-cigarette brands in the industry, known for their boundary-breaking vape technology. Due to this, several of its products have been illegitimately reproduced.

Fortunately, the brand has introduced a secure new anti-counterfeiting system to help their customers distinguish between real and fake SMOK products. While this process takes slightly longer than other vape brands, it’s important to follow all of the steps.

To verify any SMOK product, you’ll firstly need to download the IVPS Tour App. In the upper right corner of the home page’s app, you’ll be able to find a scanning symbol. You can also authenticate SMOK’s products through the app’s Tools page.

Next, simply scan the two QR codes (Code A and Code B) found on the back of the product’s box. If the query results state that the device has already been activated or the product is confirmed as a fake, ensure to press the “Report inferior merchants” or “Report counterfeits” button.


Since launching in 2015, Uwell have released a series of futuristic vape products with consumer care at the forefront of their designs. Uwell’s strong reputation has unfortunately led to an increase of fake product replicas circulating around the market.

As a result, Uwell have taken action and established a product verification process. To verify any Uwell vape product, simply locate the authenticity sticker on the packaging, and enter the anti-counterfeit code over on their official website.


Vaporesso is famed for its diverse collection of vape kits and hardware which combine contemporary designs with reliable performance. As a highly-regarded brand, Vaporesso has also been targeted for product forgery.

To find out if a Vaporesso product is genuine, look out for a verification code sticker found on the product’s packaging box. Simply scratch off the coating, and enter the 12 or 14-digit authentication code on their official website. Alternatively, you can scan the sticker’s QR code.


OXVA is a top vape brand renowned for their premium vape products catered towards all experience levels. As one of the biggest names in the industry, a number of their products have also become subject to counterfeiting.

As a way to tackle this, OXVA have implemented a visual authenticity check sticker on all of their products. This includes a QR code and a three-dimensional logo which can be viewed from different angles to determine authenticity.

Underneath the QR code, you’ll be able to find a scratch-and-check section which will reveal a security code. This can simply be entered via OXVA’s official website.


As another one of the vaping industry's most well-respected brands, an influx of copied Freemax products have entered the market within recent years.

To help customers differentiate authentic Freemax products from replicas, this brand now includes a sticker on all of their goods which displays a QR code and a scratch-and-check section to reveal an authenticity code. To see if a Freemax device is genuine, simply enter this code online at Freemax’s official website.


Since their launch in 2011, Innokin have kept their market-leading reputation, offering an array of reliable vape products suitable for all experience levels. While fake Innokin products are not as prevalent as other brands, the brand has taken the precautionary step to introduce a new authentication process.

To ensure the authenticity of any Innokin product, simply locate the scratch-and-check authentication sticker on the reverse of the packaging. This will reveal a code, which can be entered online on Innokin’s official website.

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