Vanilla Eliquids

Vanilla flavoured e-liquid is one of the most prolific flavours you’ll see across the entire range of e-liquids on the market. Just like in other products, vanilla is an absolute classic for so many reasons. First and foremost, the sumptuous taste of vanilla is unmistakable and works perfectly for vapour. Vanilla works brilliantly with so many other flavours, and is in combo flavours for some amazing e-liquids. Secondly, the scent is fantastic also, which can be important to a lot of vapers.

Vanilla appears regularly by itself but is often found as part of a combination of flavours. Dessert flavours make great use of vanilla; you’ll find it with apple cake, doughnut and toffee to name just a few. Another common, perhaps unexpected, use of vanilla is paring it with tobacco; brilliant for creating a smooth, sweet flavour, ideal for those who are quitting smoking.

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