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Spearmint Eliquid

Spearmint flavoured e-liquid is a real breath of fresh air! Jokes aside, spearmint is ideal for vapers looking for a cool, refreshing vape experience, not dissimilar to menthol. Spearmint however, offers a smoother, more nuanced flavour profile than menthol. 

This tingly flavour is seeing a lot of use as vaper’s all-day e-liquid, purely for it’s mellow and fresh taste. Not only is the taste great, the scent is pretty nice too! Though it often comes by itself, you can find some spearmint e-liquids that throw fruit flavours into the mix. 

You can find delicious spearmint e-liquids by some of the biggest brands in the e-liquid game. There are also plenty of options for all sorts of vape devices, including both DTL and MTL kits.

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