Sherbet Eliquids

Sherbet flavour e-liquids take the classic sweet-shop treat and turn it into vapour! Sherbet are a sugary sweet hit of tangy fruitiness. Better still, in e-liquid form they have no calories! Sherbet flavours are super varied, and often allow vapers a way to get a sweeter version of their favourite fruit flavour. 

Sherbet is also a popular category, with plenty of vaping’s biggest manufacturers producing flavours. It’s also worth noting that a few brands are starting to incorporate ingredients that simulate that unmistakable sherbet fizz. Now that is some vape wizardry! 

Expect to find sherbet flavours in every vape form; high PG and VG sherbet flavours are easy to come by. So why not mix it up and throw a sherbet flavour in your vape. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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