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Jam Eliquid

Jam e-liquid is as varied as it is delicious. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then jam flavoured e-liquid is going to be right up your alley. Jam manages to take any fruit and supercharge it with a sweet richness. This makes jam ideal for high VG e-liquids where the natural syrupiness of VG adds to the jammy sensations. That's not to say high PG jam e-liquids, like 50/50s, aren’t any good, in fact they help the fruit flavour shine through more. 

The best thing about jam e-liquids is you’ll find them in different variations, just like actual jam. Raspberry is already an excellent vape flavour, and it’s made even tastier with the jam treatment. The same goes for those tasty strawberry jam e-liquids! You’ll even find twists on jam, such as jam doughnut flavours that give a really buttery, dessert hit!

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