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What is a Mouth-to-Lung Vape Device?

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In the past five years, vaping e-liquids has blown up massively. From a time when most people had never heard of it, to e-liquid vape stores being on every street corner, vaping has struck a chord with users everywhere. A big part of the appeal of e-liquids is the ability to buy different multi-use vape devices to fit your needs, rather than single-use vape devices.

Regardless of whether you’re new to vaping, or an absolute vape veteran, you’ve likely tried or seen a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape device, since they’re easily the most common and cost-effective method of vaping. Ranging from the imitation e-cigarettes in corner shops, to high-quality open-pod vape devices, MTL devices are a versatile category.

What is a vape device?

First up, before you find out what a mouth-to-lung vape device is, you’ve got to find out what a vape device is in its own right. Let’s get the obvious out the way: vape devices are devices fit for vaping, but how do they produce those tasty vape flavour clouds?

All vape devices, regardless of whether they’re mouth-to-lung or sub-ohm, work on a basic principle. They contain a wick which soaks up a small amount of your vape juice of choice and brings it into a contact with a heating coil. When the vape device is activated, this heating coil then heats up to vaporise the e-liquid.

Vaping liquids are a simple mix of water, nicotine, and two liquids known as PG and VG, which help simulate the sensation of smoking in the finished vapour. This is what distinguishes vaping from a hookah or water pipe, since none of the other harmful substances found in tobacco are present. 

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Mouth-to-lung vs. direct-to-lung vaping

Vape devices can largely be split into two categories: mouth-to-lung (MTL), and direct-to-lung (DTL), also known as sub-ohm vaping. Which style you use is entirely dependent on the vape hardware you have in hand. 

The distinction between the two is revealed in the names: with mouth-to-lung devices you first inhale the vapour juice into your mouth, followed by inhaling to your lungs (like a cigarette), while direct-to-lung users take a steady inhale of the e-liquids straight into their lungs. Which you choose is all a matter of preference.

MTL vaping is the most similar to smoking, so those looking for a direct substitute will choose mouth-to-lung e-cigarettes. DTL vaping produces far bigger clouds, and is the style you’ll see many prolific vapers choosing, though it requires more complex hardware and a more hands-on approach to your vape juices. 

What are mouth-to-lung vape devices?

So, what is it about a mouth-to-lung device that actually separates it from the rest of the pack? MTL devices are generally low-powered devices that don’t allow for much customisation. Instead, they prioritise usability, and are typically ready to go straight out the box.

For a great vaping experience that’s simple and direct to the point, mouth-to-lung vape devices present a great alternative to smoking, especially since holding the liquid vapour in your mouth increases the vape flavour. 

Not only are these devices no-nonsense, but they also pack a great throat hit—a huge benefit of mouth-to-lung e-cigs! Anyone looking for an e-cig alternative to smoking should start with a mouth-to-lung vape device, since they're so quick to pick up. 

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What about the PG/VG ratio?

The other factor to consider is your PG/VG ratio. Higher VG leads to the production of larger liquid vape clouds, while PG improves the throat hit and flavour. No prizes for guessing which works best in mouth-to-lung devices!

We’d always recommend using e-liquids with a higher PG ratio, not just because of the improved throat hit, but because the thinner liquid works better in the lower powered devices. 70/30 PG/VG works great, but you can also use a 50/50 nic salt too, since they add to the natural throat hit!

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