Poke Freeze 12mg Nicotine Pouch

Freeze Nicotine Pouches by Poke

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Poke Freeze 12mg Nicotine Pouch

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Poke Freeze 12mg Nicotine Pouch
Product Description

Freeze Nicotine Pouch by Poke offers a refreshing blast of icy mint, delivering a revitalising experience with its 12mg Freeze Mint variant. Enjoy the tantalising essence of cool mint without the presence of tobacco or smoke, providing a satisfying nicotine boost.

Experience comprehensive nicotine fulfilment with Poke's Freeze pouches. Each package contains 20 pouches, each boasting 9mg of nicotine potency.

Conveniently slip between your lip and gum for discreet and fuss-free nicotine satisfaction. Slim and moist, Poke's Freeze pouches are suitable for any occasion.


  • Nicotine per Gram: 12mg
  • Nicotine per Pouch: 12.8mg
  • Portions per Can: 22
  • 0.6g Pouch Weight

    About the brand

    POKE, a Scandinavian-based manufacturer, is renowned for its innovative and tobacco-free offerings. As part of the Future Tobacco Group, POKE is committed to pioneering unexplored product variations, employing novel ingredients and designs to shape the tobacco alternatives of the future.

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