Best-selling E-liquid Brands in 2022

If you’re feeling puzzled on which vape juice brands to try out next, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best e-liquid brands in 2022 to help you find a new favourite!

Jinx E-liquid

Jinx is an all-new e-liquid brand with an intriguing Voodoo theme and five equally daring fruit flavours. As Jinx conjures all of their blends at a molecular level, you won’t be able to experience their bewitching flavours anywhere else.

Plus, Jinx offers the never-before-seen opportunity to scratch-to-win a spectacular prize with every bottle. To reveal your prize, simply scratch off the panel on your bottle and enter your winning code at, or notify any staff member in the store that you bought your bottle from! The top Jinx prizes to be won include the latest Apple products, £250 travel gift vouchers, and much more!

Price: £14.99

Pros Cons
  • All-new e-liquid brand
  • Shortfills only
  • Both classic and daring fruit flavours available
  • 100% unique flavours formulated at a molecular level
  • Chance to win an incredible prize with every bottle!

Six Licks E-liquid

“Bold and energetic” best describes Six Licks. As the fastest growing e-liquid brand in the UK, Six Licks have established themselves as a leading choice in the vaping community, winning 9 awards in their first year. This best-selling vape brand focuses on classy fruity mixes with intense twists, offering 50ml-100ml bottles as well as 10ml nic salts to enjoy. All of their flavours are cleverly named with a creative title which accurately reflects the explosive flavours inside.

With Six Licks, there really is a choice for every kind of palate. Take a hit of their satisfying Bite the Bullet e-liquid with Blackberry and Aniseed, or try their newest addition Cherry on Top, a masterful blend between fresh and juicy Cherries, Pears and Raspberries. Their Senses e-liquid range is available in a variety of strengths and sizes, offering mouth-watering fusions including apples and rhubarb, peach and grapefruit, as well as grapes and berries.

Price: £3.99-£12.99 

Pros Cons
  • Award-winning flavours
  • Fruit-based flavours only
  • Available as shortfills, 50/50s, and nic salts
  • Brand merchandise also available

    Wild Roots E-liquid

    It’s not often that you'll find an entirely eco-focused vaping company, so Wild Roots makes for a supreme example that you won’t want to miss out on. Known for their nature-inspired flavours and dedication to sustainability, Wild Roots have distinguished themselves from other e-liquid brands through their eco-conscious mindset.

    Wild Roots have carefully crafted their fruit shortfill and nic salt e-liquids so that they are all vegan, lactose and gluten free. This means that every vaper can experience what this environmentally-friendly brand has to offer! Plus, all of their bottles are entirely recyclable. Inspired by tastes from the far corners of the globe, Wild Roots' e-liquid collection is comprised of a mix of vibrantly exotic flavours that are rare to find in the vaping jungle!

    Price: £3.99-£9.99

    Pros Cons
    • Eco-friendly e-liquid brand
    • Fruit-based flavours only
    • Both shortfills and nic salts available
    • Vegan, lactose and gluten free

      Yeti E-liquid

      Ice-cool e-liquids have quickly become a leading trend, and with this has come the emergence of vape brands entirely dedicated to glacial flavours! If you’re on the look out for e-liquids inspired by sub-zero scenes, Yeti is one vape juice brand that you should have next on your list to try. Yeti offers all of the most popular fruity e-liquid flavours, all topped off with distinct icy blasts. Available as 50ml/100ml shortfills and 10ml nic salts, Yeti's flavours range from their tart Apple Cranberry e-liquid to their classically sweet Strawberry flavour and more!

      Their new menthol-based Blizzard Series features an array of tempting combinations with flavours including Apple, Blood Orange, Passionfruit, and Blueberry. Their Ice Nic Shot has been designed to take your arctic vaping experience to the next level, providing intensely-cool hits.

      Price: £4.99-£16.29 

      Pros Cons
      • Ice based e-liquid brand
      • Fruit and drinks flavours only
      • Broad range of exciting fruit flavours
      • Available as shorfills and nic salts

        Juice N Power E-liquid

        As their name suggests, this e-liquid brand packs power into their many flavours. With their fruit, milkshake and original Shock Series range, Juice N Power offers a varied collection of punchy e-liquid flavours. What’s more, all of their blends include natural colourings and flavourings. Available as 50ml shortfills and 10ml nic salts, Juice N Power has created a host of nostalgic blends such as their Bubblegum Milkshake e-liquid, as well as more exploratory blends which tap into both fruits and sweets flavours.

        Vapers with a sweet tooth will appreciate their Watermelon Candy Gummies e-liquid and their Orange Candy Cream combo, while those searching for a refreshing, tingly edge to their vape will best enjoy their Shock Series. This collection includes their popular Shock Fizz, Shock Spearmint, and Shock Tropical e-liquids.

        Price: £3.99 - £11.95

        Pros Cons
        • Fruit, candy and drink flavours
        • No 100ml shortfills
        • Shortfills, nic salts, freebase nicotine, and 10ml TPDs

          Future Juice E-liquid

          Future Juice continues to stand as one of the best e-liquid brands for vapers who are looking for a satisfying sweet fix. From their indulgent dessert mixes to their juicy fruit blends, Future Juice has all the flavours you need.

          Available as 100ml shortfills, you'll be able to find a host of intriguing combinations, with their most notable creations including their Frosted Cereal & Banana Milk and Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge e-liquids. In addition to these fun blends, Future Juice also offers a number of familiar dessert flavours such as Vanilla Custard, Mango, and Strawberry Gelato, all of which are too tempting to miss out on!

          Price: £14.49 - £17.99

          Pros Cons
          • Nostalgic and smooth dessert flavours
          • Shortfills only
          • Opportunity to experiment with sweeter flavours

            Just Juice E-liquid

            This brand was created by two ex-smokers with a goal to make a difference in the vaping community. Their mutual craving for striking and adventurous flavours led them down the path to create Just Juice, a now multi-award winning e-liquid brand with exciting fruit and drinks flavours for all vapers. With their fantastically fruity range of shortfills, nicotine shots and nic salts to choose from, Just Juice are known for their experimentative exotic flavours, some of which you may have not even tried before!

            For a truly tantalising tropical experience, try their Guanabana & Lime on Ice and their Strawberry & Curuba e-liquid. For more traditional fruit flavour thrills, why not try their refreshing garden fruit mixes, including their Berry Burst and Apple & Pear on Ice e-liquids?

            Price: £4.49 - £12.99

            Pros Cons
            • Shortfills, nicotine shots and nic salts
            • Only fruit and drink-based flavours
            • Unique e-liquid bottle design

              Riot Squad E-liquid

              Having been the masterminds behind many award-winning flavours including their Pink Grenade e-liquid, Riot Squad has earned their place as a leading brand within the vaping industry. Their e-liquid collection features a rush of explosive fruit flavours that will leave you wanting to vape all day long! Their 100% menthol range offers satisfyingly sharp flavours made in mind for vapers searching for fresh, ice-cool blasts.

              Giving the option of 50ml shortfills, nic salts, as well as 30ml multipacks in a mixture of different nicotine strengths, Riot Squad also offers a thrilling hybrid nicotine range. Known as Riot S:Alt, this collection is available in 10ml bottles in either 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg, allowing vapers to try an assorted range of strengths to find their perfect match!

              Price: £2.95- £11.99

              Pros Cons
              • Available as 50ml shortfills and nic salts
              • Not available as 100ml shortfills
              • Unique hybrid nicotine collection

                Vampire Vape E-liquid

                One of the oldest and most respected e-liquid brands, Vampire Vape provides a spooktacular collection of luscious fruit, sweets, and menthol blends, including their iconic Heisenberg flavour. Available in 10ml bottles in varying nicotine strengths, Vampire Vape also offers several of their flavours in delicious nic salt form.

                Inspired by the Halloween season, Vampire Vape’s irresistible offering of candy favourites including Blackjack, Sherbet Lemon, and Bubblegum are sure to send your taste buds into overdrive! This brand also offers many classic fruity flavours with the likes of Banana, Pineapple, Apple and Strawberry available to enjoy.

                Price: £2.99- £11.79

                Pros Cons
                • One of the most long-standing e-liquid brands
                • No 100ml shortfills
                • Creators of the iconic Heisenberg flavour
                • Available as shortfills, 10ml TPD, and nic salts

                  IVG Premium E-liquid

                  IVG is a worldwide e-liquid brand renowned for its diverse assortment of flavours. Perfect to vape all year round, IVG’s collection includes rich berry blends, exotic fruit fusions, sharp citrus combinations, as well as dessert and soft drink classics.

                  Vapers can expect to find a diverse collection of flavours from this award-winning brand, with shortfills, 10ml TPDs, nic salts and free base nicotine e-liquids available. Indulge in their gooey Jam Roly Poly flavour and their mouth-watering Cookie Dough mix, or hit up their more traditional flavours such as their mixed berry Summer Blaze e-liquid or their citrusy Neon Lime blend!

                  Price: £2.99- £11.79

                  Pros Cons
                  • Award-winning global brand
                  • No 100ml shortfills
                  • Broad collection of indulgent flavours
                  • Creators behind many iconic blends

                    Zeus Juice E-liquid

                    Influenced by Greek Mythology, the potent flavours from this creative e-liquid brand truly live up to their name! Available as 50/100ml shortfills and 10ml nic salts from 10mg-20mg, Zeus Juice offers premium all-day e-liquid flavours which focus on fruits, desserts, menthol and tobacco.

                    If you’re searching for a fruity e-liquid with a sharp kick, we recommend loading up their legendary Black Ice Shortfill flavour. Vapers who enjoy a mintier edge to their vape will appreciate their Phoenix Tears e-liquid, which is an almighty trio of Peppermint, Lemon, and Menthol.

                    Price: £1.00- £19.99

                    Pros Cons
                    • Mythology-inspired designs
                    • Small flavour range
                    • Powerful flavours
                    • Shortfills, freebase nicotine, nicotine shots, and nic salts

                      Ruthless E-liquid

                      Ruthless launched in 2011 and have since remained one of the top e-liquid brands in the industry. Covering classic candy, fruit, menthol, and tobacco blends, this premium e-liquid brand offers vape juices in the form of 50/100ml shortfills, 30ml flavour concentrates, as well as nic salts from 10mg-20mg.

                      As a forward thinking brand, Ruthless have created several original flavour blends for vapers to try and love, such as their Swamp Thang e-liquid which includes succulent notes of Apple and Sweets. As well as their more experimental flavours, Ruthless has also formulated a number of traditional juicy fruit mixes that are worth a spot in any vaper’s collection.

                      Price: £17.99

                      Pros Cons
                      • Fantastic flavours for every vaper
                      • No freebase nicotine
                      • Exploratory flavours
                      • Available as 50/100ml shortfills