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Box Mods

Box Mods are one of the most instantly recognisable devices in all of vaping. Roughly box shaped, hence the name, these kits actually come in many varieties but share a lot of common characteristics. More experienced vapers use box mods for their incredible ability to produce flavour and tremendous amounts of vapour. Box mods are capable of this because of their high wattage and battery capacity.

Box Mods are also great for vapers looking for more flexibility with their kit. Most box mods will come with a 510 connector, a standard connector for use with vape tanks. Because of this standardised connector, box mods will work with a wide variety of vape tanks. Box mods usually have features such as variable wattage and screens to control these parameters. This allows vapers to tailor their vaping experience easily and intricately.

We recommend box mods for those who are well experienced in the many aspects of vaping. It’s also important to note the difference between unregulated and regulated mods. Regulated mods include a circuit board and so have improved usability and safety. Unregulated mods are for experts only and don’t feature a circuit board, which gives them greater wattage potential at the expense of modern safety features.

Box mods are ideally suited for vapers who favour sub-ohm vaping and offer them one of the best ways to get massive flavours. Many of the biggest vape brands make box mods, including Aspire, Geekvape and VOOPOO to name a few, so check out our selection and see what a box mod could offer you.

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What are Vape Mods?

Vape Mods are large, advanced devices which are favoured for their customizability, durability and powerful vapour production. Most vape mods have larger, longer-lasting external batteries that will need to be charged separately, though some may already have LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer) pack batteries included.

How do Vape Mods work?

Vape mods fundamentally allow users to control or ‘modify’ their vaping experience to their own personal preference. These potent devices also often include additional room to hold your e-liquids, as well as fast-acting coils for a superior vaping experience.

Alongside these impressive features, vape mods will often include a simple circuit known as a chipset which allows users to fine-tune their device’s power output, variable wattage and overall performance for an individualised vaping experience. Most vape mods also support a 510 connection thread which can be used with virtually all vape tanks.

Due to their high power levels, vapers are able to customise their vape mod by adding and changing components, including wicks, coils, drip tips, Sub Ohm tanks, and atomisers, which can all help to improve flavour or create a vaster amount of vapour.

What are the different types of Vape Mods?

Now you know that a vape mod is a vaping device that can be modified to a user’s liking by adding replaceable components, let’s explore the different variants:

Variable Wattage / Variable Voltage Mods

People switch to variable wattage / variable voltage mods as a way to transition from beginner or starter vaping devices. These mods allow users to alter the electrical current that flows through the coil for intensified flavour and vapour production, enabling vapers to experiment and achieve a tailored vaping experience. Whether you decide to increase or decrease the output will vary depending on the resistance of your coil and which e-liquid you are using.

Mechanical Mods

As mechanical mods require working knowledge of Ohm’s Law (the formula which defines the relationship between voltage, current and resistance), they are not suitable for beginner vapers. Similar in size to box mods and vape pens, mech mods are distinguished for their reliability, durability, as well as their minimal hardware and circuitry. The power of this device is conditional to the type of battery that you are using, and how much charge it has.

Box Mods

Box mods are heavier, larger devices which can house up to three external lithium battery varieties. These highly customisable devices feature a contemporary OLED digital display to show your wattage, volts, and ohms, with many of the best box mods also providing several safety functions for a reliable experience. All box mods include a 510 threaded connection, which is universal to use with most vape tanks on the market.

How long do Vape Mods last?

The batteries found in most vape mods can be removed, which means there’s no need to purchase an entirely new device once the power has run out - all you have to do is use a new pack of batteries! Depending on the quality, Lithium-ion batteries found in modern vape mods will generally last for around 300-500 cycles.

To best retain battery life, ensure to charge and discharge fully, and always use an external battery charger to power your batteries at the correct voltage. When it comes to upgrading your Vape Mod to a new device, we highly recommend recycling all of the component parts rather than completely disposing of them.