Sigelei Vape

Sigelei are known for their stylish and reliable vape kits and accessories. This China based vape brand has made a sizeable impact in the industry, having produced the first ever intelligent box mod!

Since their inception in 2011, their cutting-edge products have reached vapers from across the globe, and continue to impress and inspire today.

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Why choose Sigelei?

Sigelei are one of the largest producers of vape products in the world, offering among the finest kits and accessories for users of all experience levels. Their products are highly rated by vapers, and we can see why! Whether you’re completely new to vaping or looking for something new, Sigelei is the brand for you. Vape it, love it, that’s the Sigelei motto!

Where are Sigelei based?

Also known as GD Sigelei Electronic Tech Co, Sigelei is based in Hengli Town, Dongguan, China. Through their advanced engineering, this brand has reinvented the vape experience and continues to do so with every product that they release.

What does Sigelei mean?

One of the reasons why this brand is so instantly recognisable is because of its intriguing name. Derived from East Asian heritage, Si Ge Lei directly translated from Chinese to English means “4 Thunders”. The inspiration behind this name came from founder Junbiao Ou's encounter with a thunderstorm while he was thinking about a name for his company. Now that’s a little piece of interesting vape trivia that you likely didn’t know!