Kingston E-liquids

Kingston is the KING of premium juices at affordable prices - their flavours truly RULE! Launched in 2017, Kingston have gone from one level to the next, and quickly became a firm favourite among vapers. There are plenty of regal fruit and candy flavours to choose from, all sure to make you feel like royalty!

Love classic Menthol flavours? Kingston’s got it and more! Their Menthol blend is a classic minty flavour that’s fit for all-day vaping and keeping you cool during a warm summer’s day. If you’re craving something fizzy, try out their Vinberry Soda mix, a deliciously fruit combo between Blackcurrant, Grapes and Raspberries, all infused into a bubbly Soda note. If you’ve still got room for more, their Chuckleberry is another fan favourite and one of two Kingston’s flagship flavour profiles. Blending dark fruits and red fruits throughout, this flavour is rounded off by a cool blast of Menthol.

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