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IVG (short for I Vape Great) is a globally recognised vape brand known for their diverse assortment of e-liquid flavours and IVG Bar disposable vapes, which include pre-filled flavours ranging from fun fruit fusions to fizzy drinks and candy combos.

Created under the company Acme Global in 2016, IVG have won a number of Ecigclick awards including Best UK Brand and Best Nic Salt in 2021. The only way is up with this brand as it continues to smash vaper’s expectations!

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Which disposable devices does IVG offer?

IVG offers the IVG Bar and the IVG Bar Plus + which provides a larger puff count. Suitable for complete beginners and experienced users alike, IVG’s disposable vapes are dubbed as among some of the best to try due to their ergonomic designs and exciting flavour profiles.

How do I use the IVG Bar Plus + disposable device?

The IVG Bar Plus + is an inhale-activated disposable vape, which means you need only take a draw from the top of the device to get started. Each device contains a built-in pure cobalt mAh battery and a pre-filled 2ml 20mg nicotine salt with up to 800 puffs. With no maintenance required, these disposable bars simplify vaping but still provide a satisfying experience as you would expect from any other device. IVG Bar Plus + disposable devices also include a hybrid airflow feature, allowing you to achieve your preferred draw with ease!

Where are IVG products made?

All IVG products are manufactured to a premium standard in the UK. However they have an international presence with several head offices located overseas including New York, Dubai and Colombia. Their products are available in over 100 countries across 6 continents!

Why choose IVG?

With their global standing and award-winning reputation, IVG is an essential choice for any vaper. IVG are experts in their field with an impressive selection of e-liquids and disposable vapes that go above and beyond in terms of flavours and functionality.