Gods of Vapers

God of Vapers are a heaven-send shaking up the vape market! Based in the US, God of Vapers is a widely-recognised vaping brand who produce premium cotton wicks for rebuildable atomisers.

Grown in the US, these 100% organic cotton wicks are designed to be used with rebuildable atomisers ranging from RDAs and RTAs to RDTAs, and can be easily tapered and trimmed to fit the desired size.

God of Vapers’ long-lasting cotton wicks offer clearer flavours, reduce dry hits and are designed to withstand higher temperatures.

Each Cotton Gods packet contains a 10g cotton wick strip made from medical grade material without any chemicals.

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Why choose God Of Vapers cotton wick?

God of Vapers uses premium grade USA grown cotton to ensure uncompromised flavours and the prevention of dry throat hits. Plus, these long-lasting wicks have been created to tolerate higher wattages!

How long do God of Vapers’ Cotton Gods cotton wicks last?

The longevity of God of Vapers’ cotton wicks depends on how often you vape. For some, these wicks may last for a week, while for others, they may last for a whole month.

How do I use God of Vapers’ Cotton Gods cotton wicks?

God of Vapers’ Cotton Gods cotton wicks can be used with rebuildable atomisers including RDAs, RDTAs, and RTAs. Simply prime and secure, and you’ll be ready to vape with these cotton wicks!