18mg Eliquid

18mg e-liquids are recommended for vapers who previously considered themselves as heavy smokers, which is equal to smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day. If you used to smoke under this amount, we advise vaping with e-liquids which contain a low to medium level of nicotine concentration.

18mg vape juices contain 1.8% nicotine content, and are able to offer vapers an impressively strong throat hit compared to medium and low concentrations, all while retaining a pleasant flavour. These e-liquids are among the highest nicotine strengths that you can vape.

We stock a host of crazy 18mg e-liquids in varying ratios and types from popular vape brands, with flavours including dessert and drinks-inspired blends, fragrant fruit cocktail concoctions, toasted tobacco mixes, and many more! If you’d like to know more on how to choose the best nicotine strength for you, head over to our beginner’s guide to vaping nicotine.

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