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Person vaping with lightweight pod kit

What do you need to start vaping?

Vaping is growing more and more popular, not only as a great way to stop smoking but also as a tasty hobby. However, for those looking at starting up with vaping, the range of equipment and vape liquids can be confusing. This doesn’t need to be the case, as with this short guide you’ll be ready to take the first exciting steps and join the awesome vaping community.

There are really only two things you need to start vaping; a vape device and an e-liquid! However, as you’ve probably noticed there are a huge variety of vape devices and literally thousands of options when it comes to vaping liquids. As you get used to the hobby though, you’ll realise the choice you have is one of the best things about vaping!

1. Vape hardware

The best place to start with vaping, is asking yourself; why do I want to vape? This sounds strange, but depending on whether you’re looking for ease-of-use or more advanced vaping for example, can affect your choice of vape device. Generally, we recommend starting with something simple and efficient and moving onto more advanced vape devices as you explore the hobby - which is where pod kits come in.

Pod Kits

This is the easiest and simplest way to get your hands on a vape device. Also commonly known as a mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape device, because you first inhale the vapour into your mouth, before then inhaling into your lungs, much like a cigarette. Because of this cigarette-like approach to vaping, MTL or pod kits are very popular amongst the rising number of people looking to quit smoking with vaping.

Selection of SMOK pod kits

MTL or pod kits are low powered vape devices that have limited scope for customisation but are lightweight and often an ‘all-in-one’ style piece of kit. Pod kits are simple and light, and many are ready to go straight out of the box. If you’re looking for stylish, discreet and convenient vaping, pod kits reign supreme. Check out this page for a more in depth look at these neat devices.

Sub ohm kits

Sub-ohm kits are a different approach to vaping. You may recognise these as the chunky, high-tech looking devices, often followed by fluffy clouds of tasty liquid vapour.

Sub-ohm vaping takes the hobby to a whole new level. The design of these kits allow for deep customization of parts like vape coils, vape tanks and vape batteries, allowing vapers to build their own perfect vision! The phrase sub-ohm refers to the resistance of the coil, this lower resistance allows vapers to kick out denser, more impressive clouds from vaping liquids.

Person holding sub ohm vape kit

Sub ohm kits are perfect for those looking to expand their vaping game, and they are often used by experienced vapers and cloud-chasers, which is why we wouldn't recommend them for beginners. However, it is common to see people with both a pod kit and a sub ohm kit, using one for more casual vaping on-the-go and the sub-ohm kit for powerful, all-day vaping. For more info on sub-ohm kits and their huge potential, take a peek at this article.

2. Vape liquids

So, you’ve got your fancy new pod kit, or you’ve opted to go big and are staring down the barrel of an impressive sub-ohm vape, but wait! What are you gonna put in them? A vape device is no use if you have no, well, vape! 

This is arguably the fun bit, deciding what vape juice to buy. Firstly, it’s worth deciding if you want to vape nicotine or not. If you do, or simply don’t mind, then 10mls are a great way to start. These eliquids come preloaded with nicotine and are a fantastic way to try new vape flavours.

Bottle of 10ml e-liquid

If you do not want to vape nicotine, shortfills are the way to go. These liquids contain 0mg of nicotine, so are not addictive, and also better value as you can buy more e-liquid at once. Shortfills are also still super useful for those who need a nicotine kick though. 

For those who want the savings of a shortfill but would still like to vape nicotine, they can buy separate nic shots, which are simply flavourless nicotine e-liquids. Add these to your shortfill when you fill up your vape and you can set your own nicotine level!

Bottle of Double Drip shortfill e-liquid

Pretty simple huh? 10ml or shortfill, you can’t really go wrong, it's best to just try both and find out which you prefer. However, it is worth bearing in mind that not all vape liquids are formulated the same, having different PG/VG ratios, which affect how they behave. For more info on PG/VG ratios in vape liquids, check out this article.

Vape Shop online

Our online vape store has everything you need to begin your vaping journey. First, you’ll need the kit, and our selection of vape devices represents the best names and devices out there, so you can get your hands on a vape you’ll really love.

Our eliquid range has everything covered. 10mls, shortfills, nic shots and nic salts all feature and are available as part of some sweet offers. Perhaps you’re driven by vape flavours? Well, that's not a problem either - our vape store is packed to the rafters with vape flavours including desserts, fruits, drinks and much more.

If you’re worried about spending too much on different e-liquids from the off, then check out our awesome deal page. This is a perfect way of grabbing an armful of eliquids at crazy prices, perfect for making new vape liquid discoveries! And the savings don’t end there, sign up to our e-club and get a £5 worth of E-points immediately, as well as discounts for life!

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