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The best e-liquids for summer

Summertime is nearly here! That usually means sunny weather (well, mostly—it is Britain), loads of topless men looking like lobsters and excessive drinking in beer gardens. We’ll see how it pans out with the current lockdown measures in place, but either way with e-liquids you can get a taste of summer at home.

At we like to change our vape flavours with the seasons, and we’ve got a wild selection of e-liquids for you that will perfectly fit the summery mood. From wild berry e-liquids to some devilishly icy vape juices, there’s no reason to not get summer started now.

5 of the best vape juices

Our shop has 1000s of amazing different e-liquids—we should know, we’ve tried nearly all of them! That’s how we’ve personally selected five vape liquids that will give you that summer feeling, even when there are grey skies overhead. 

For the sake of consistency we’ve only chosen shortfill e-liquids, ‘cos who wants their summer vibes to run out suddenly? Whether you’re after a refreshing slush or a summery fruit cocktail, one of the amazing e-liquids below will hit your taste buds just right.

Summer e-liquids | Fruity vape juices

Wild Cherry by Wild Roots e-liquids

Available in: 50ml, 100ml

Vape flavour profile: Wild cherry, fino lemon, frozen blueberries

First up is this juicy number: Wild Cherry from Wild Roots. This isn’t just your typical cherry blast though vape liquids, far from it. Like all of the e-liquids we recommend, there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. 

The initial cherry vape flavour burst on inhale is levelled off by the citrus of lemon, and the cooling touch of frozen blueberries. Imagine a luxurious smoothie, but light and fresh! If you want the natural taste of fruit with an icy e-juice twist, this is sure to tick all of your boxes. 

Bluemonia by Six Licks e-liquids

Available in: 50ml, 100ml

Vape flavour profile: Frozen raspberries, frozen blueberries, menthol

Next up is another icy concoction, but this time around things get way more intense. Bluemonia by Six Licks is just as chilly as the name suggests; this e-liquid could give the abominable snowman frostbite.

It’s not just cold though! The blend of frozen blueberries and raspberries makes this vaping liquid tart and sweet, like a classic slushy but with a premium twist. Thanks to the menthol edge you’re sure to feel refreshed and chilled-out with every vape. 

Cola Shades by Summer Holidays vape juices

Available in: 50ml

Vape flavour profile: Cola, lemon, ice

No prizes for guessing why this one made the list! Cola Shades by Summer Holidays is a fantastic e-liquid from UK legends Dinner Lady. Part of their killer range of Summer Holidays vape juices, they all capture the nostalgia of, you guessed it, summer and/or holidays. 

For us, a big part of hitting the sun as a kid was having a thirst-quenching coke straight from the can (these days there might be something stronger in there). Cola Shades captures that sugar rush, but makes it totally guilt-free. No sticky fingers either!

Woman vaping | Lounging | Eliquids

Mango Banana Cushman by Nasty Juice e-liquids

Available in: 50ml

Vape flavour profile: Banana, mango, menthol

Trust the mad scientists at Nasty Juice to cook up this tropical bonanza. Mango Banana Cushman well and truly lives up to its name, delivering a mango blast to the senses that’s levelled out with some bold banana and a layer of fresh menthol. 

One of the vape juices from the iconic Cushman range had to make it to our summer e-liquid series—they’re just that good. What sunny day would be complete without a juicy, ripe mango vapour liquid to dive headfirst into? 

Dew by Pukka Juice vape liquids

Available in: 50ml

Vape flavour profile: Lemon & lime soda, orange, slush

We’ve had a lot of icye-liquids so far, and we’ve had some drink imitations too, but our last choice is our first proper slush, and a great one at that. Dew by Pukka Juice is a complex but refreshing take on a classic slushy. 

Rather than your usual red and blue, Pukka Juice have thrown a citrus cocktail vapour juice together. The lemon, lime and orange balance out perfectly with a hint of fizz and a wallop of icy slush. If you have one beverage on stock this summer, make it this vape juice!

Buying the best e-liquids

Each of the five e-liquids mentioned above is sure to put you in a sunny mood regardless of the weather, but why stop there? At we’ve got an absolutely massive range of e-liquids for you to try.

That means we’ve got shortfills, nic salts, 10ml e-liquids and everything in between! Curious about what shortfills are, or what a nic salt is? Then check out our e-liquids blog section for all the latest info and guides. We’re here to make your vape life as easy as possible.

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