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5 tips for how to vape e-liquids safely

Vaping e-liquids isn’t just a niche interest anymore—it’s a global phenomenon! In 2021 the global number of vapers is predicted to reach 55 million, and it’s only set to increase even more after that. With so many people joining the world of vaping, it’s important that the cornerstones of vaping liquid vapour are clear. 

Importantly, vaping is often being taken up as an alternative to smoking due to a variety of benefits. While the potential effects of vaping aren’t fully known, a study last year by the British Heart Foundation found that vaping was less harmful to your blood vessels than smoking cigarettes. There’s plenty of research out there, so make sure to do your own!

Vaping safely isn’t just about your health though, it’s about using the right vape device properly. At we have a comprehensive understanding of everything vape, so before you buy vape juices from our amazing selection, let’s run through the basics of vaping e-cigarettes, and the best vaping methods to be safe. 

What is vaping?

It doesn’t help to know how to vape safely if you’re not too clear on just what vaping vaping liquids is, so first up: the fundamentals. Vaping is, quite literally, the process of vaporising and inhaling an e-liquid. But how do vape devices work? And what exactly is in an e-liquid?

Using what is known as an atomiser coil, vape devices (whether they’re portable, handy mouth-to-lung devices, or bulkier, more powerful sub-ohm devices) run a current through a coil until it heats up sufficiently. That, in turn, evaporates the e-liquid that has soaked into a nearby wick, which is then inhaled as liquid vapour by the user. It’s really that simple!

These e-liquids are largely pretty basic concoctions, usually just a mixture of nicotine, water, flavouring and two liquids known as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These are common ingredients in food, and are used here to give the vape clouds some thickness, and to carry the vape flavour better. The simplicity of the blend is why many prefer vapour juices to smoking.

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Vaping e-liquids safely

So, you’ve got your vape device ready, and you’ve visited our shop to buy the best e-liquids around, but you want to make sure you’re vaping your e-cigarette liquid properly. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of handy tips to make sure you don’t step a foot wrong when vaping vape liquids. 

1. Only buy e-liquids from trusted sellers

You may have heard new stories about dangers of specific e-liquids. The vast majority of complications that come from e-liquids are from blackmarket (usually containing THC) or home brew vape e-juices that use a dangerous chemical known as vitamin E acetate. 

Any trusted supplier of vape liquids (such as our UK vape store) will be able to offer a complete ingredient breakdown of their products, as well as featuring reliable, well-known e-liquid producers. When you buy e-liquids from, you know you’re buying it from a safe, trusted distributor.

2. Use the charger that came with your vape device

This is a simple one, but an important one. The cable that came with your vape device may look like the same cable and fitting that you use for your games console, or your mobile phone, but that doesn’t mean that it’s built to do the same job.

Different cables offer different levels of resistance, and different amounts of power. Looking after your device means making sure that it never gets hit with too many watts! It can really damage the battery and lead to other complications too. 

3. Store your e-liquids properly

Much in the same way you have to keep certain foods stored in the right setting, the same is true of e-liquids! You can keep your vapour juices in a cool, dark place, or even in your fridge—just keep your e-cig liquid out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Since e-liquids contain nicotine you should look after your e-liquid bottles, particularly if you’re storing them for a long time. This is also why more vape juice bottles come with childproof caps. Nicotine can be a minor irritant, so keep them somewhere safe.

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4. Keep yourself hydrated

This is a lesser known issue from vaping, but vaping eliquids can actually lead to a small amount of dehydration. Newcomers to vaping often complain of having a dry mouth, or a scratchy throat after prolonged use of vape juices. Thankfully, the solution is easy.

Making sure that you drink enough water each day, particularly if you’re somewhere like a vape show where the liquid vapour is hard to avoid, is really important. Honestly, drinking plenty of water is important regardless of whether you vape, so keep drinking either way!

5. Don’t burn a dry coil 

This is vaping 101, but it still bears repeating. Don’t hit the charge button on your vape device if there’s no vapour juice in there, or even if you’ve just loaded it up. Let it soak into the wick a little while before you go in for those delicious clouds.

The reason for this is that hitting it too early can burn the coil rather than vaporising the e-liquid soaked into it. This isn’t dangerous really, but it can lead to your coil needing changing way quicker, and a foul taste that’ll ruin your every juicy vape liquid hit. 

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Want to learn more about e-liquids before you go any further? Well, we’ve got a whole e-liquid blog you can check out, including pieces on understanding shortfill e-liquids, how to cloud chase and even the best e-liquids for summer. There’s plenty of cool stuff to learn!

Feeling like an e-liquid expert? Then you’re ready to go buy e-liquids! There are so many options out there for you, but rest assured we’ve always got the best vape juices. That means everything from shortfill e-liquids, nic salts, or 10ml e-liquids. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

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