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How to save and earn rewards with our E-Club

We think that buying vape liquids and hardware should be something to be celebrated. That’s why we have our E-Club, an online club where you can earn rewards and discounts when buying any vape product from

The aim of our E-club is simple, to reward any purchases made on There's no cost to join, in fact you earn a reward just for joining! Interested? Sign up here, or read on to learn more great reasons to join our E-Club!

Why sign up to the E-club?

Because you get 500 points absolutely free! That's equal to a £5 voucher, just for making an account. You can use these points as a voucher on any purchases you make from your account. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

E-liquids login | Buy vape juices

Joining the E-club is easy. Simply sign up for an account on and boom, you are part of the club! Once you have joined, you can check out your account dashboard here. From this screen you can keep an eye on your account, including how many points you have to redeem and how many you’ve earned over the lifetime of your membership.

Why earn more points?

Earning E-points is definitely something you should be interested in, because every point you earn can be used as a discount on all of your future purchases. As a regular vaper who is constantly topping up their supply of vape juices will know, this can add up to some serious savings in the long run.

Earning more points is just as easy as signing up. As mentioned above, the simplest way to earn more points is just by making purchases at When starting out you will earn 4 points for every £1 you spend. These add up quickly, and before you know it you’ll have loads of points to use on your next purchase!

However, the point gains don’t end there! You’ll notice on your account dashboard that we have set a bunch of additional actions to complete, each of which comes with a weighty points reward!

Laptop screen featuring E-club reward action panels

These actions are super easy, and include liking our Facebook page and signing up to our mailing list. These actions you’ll want to do anyway, as following our social media and getting email updates are some of the best ways to keep up with any vape store updates, as well as new deals.

Another great way to earn points is to invite your friends to join the club. You can do this from the account page; simply hit the button under the ‘Refer a Friend’ action. They’ll receive a £5 discount on their first purchase over £25 and you will receive 250 points for yourself! The best part is, you can repeat this endlessly, earning more points for every friend you refer. Everyone’s a winner! 

After completing your actions and mopping up all of those free extra points, you may notice you are close to “Upgrading” to a new rank. What does this mean? Well, it's yet another exciting part of being a member of our E-club…

E-club levels

Rank up and get bigger and better rewards, including more points per £1 spend and bigger discounts! Excited? You should be, but how do you rank up in our E-club? Luckily it's super easy, in fact, just by making an account you’ve already made progress.

Those points you earn are not only spendable, they also add to a lifetime total, which in turn lets you go up levels! Levelling up is simple - but the benefits are huge. With each rank you go up, the amount of points you earn increases, as well as the discount you receive.

E-club Levels | Vape shop online

E-Club Levels explained:

  • Vape Pro - The first rank everyone starts at, from here you get 4 Points for every £1 you spend and 4% discount on all purchases.
  • Vape Vigilante - After you earn 2,000 points you attain the title of Vape Vigilante and earn 5 points for every £1 you spend and a 5% discount. You also get a free Vape Vigilante hoodie!
  • Vape Hero - The final rank, earned after 10,000 points; you will now receive 8 points per £1 you spend and a massive 8% discount. And, to make sure everyone knows your status you will receive a free Vape Hero hoodie!

Redeeming and spending your E-points

Spending your E-points won’t slow down your rank progression and are a great way of getting discounts on your orders. Furthermore, your points will only last 12 months after you’ve earned them - so don't worry about using them quickly. But how do you spend all of those points on prizes and discounts? Well, happily, it couldn't be easier.

When you’ve selected the e-liquids or vape hardware you want, just carry on as usual! When you’re at the checkout, you’ll notice a handy slider that allows you to select the amount of points you wish to redeem. Just select how many points you want to spend and the value will be subtracted from your total price.

Mobile phone showing the points slider on checkout

If you are wondering where you can view the amount of points you have available, simply visit your account page or hit the E-club button on our site. From here you can see how many points you have to spend, as well as how many lifetime points you have on the way to your next E-club rank.

Buy E-liquids

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and get earning those points! Once you’ve earned them, don’t be afraid to spend them on our amazing vape range and get saving.

Tablet device showing E-club homepage

Our range includes everything a vaper could need; including shortfills, 10ml e-liquids, exciting new nic salts and the latest vape hardware to name a few. Also, keep an eye on our fantastic deals and pick up a bargain on your favourite vape juices. Once you’ve seen our range and the amazing award-winning products we have, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Vape Hero!

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