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Getting the right CBD dosage for you

CBD has evolved in the past few years from a small industry focused in the US to a global phenomenon. There are now over 1.6 million CBD users in the UK, and many millions more worldwide. For every success story with CBD, you’ll also find someone who has figured out their ideal CBD dosage point. CBD dosage really is that important.

If the vast majority of daily CBD users have found their ideal CBD dosage level, what does that mean for you? By yourself that process can be a bit intimidating and confusing, but in conjunction with our partners Vitality CBD we’ve simplified the whole situation down. 

Everyone is different, and everyone has a different ideal dosage. Fortunately, there is a tried and tested methodology that will help you discover how your body works best with CBD. Follow the steps below, and you’ll find out how to make CBD work for you before you buy CBD

Polling users on their CBD doses

One of the most important steps of putting together this guide was speaking to users. Vitality CBD conducted extensive user engagement in order to put together the necessary data, focusing on user satisfaction rather than individual user issues. What they discovered was quite surprising.

CBD satisfaction graph | CBD users | Best CBD

Where several CBD guides suggest starting at a low dosage and building up steadily, Vitality CBD found that satisfaction rates spiked sharply at 70mg, usually taken via CBD oils. With that in mind, they further trialled new users or dissatisfied users at this higher dosage point, and reported near universally positive feedback. 

Everyone who tries using CBD has a personal reason for trialling it out, so the fact that adjusting dosage can have such a positive impact is something to applaud. While a higher dosage is definitely part of it, it’s not the be all and end all of the process. Next, we’ll explain how you can find the ideal dosage for you. 

Discovering your ideal CBD dosage

Since everyone has a different physiology, it’s only natural that different people are more satisfied with different CBD dosages. That’s why the Vitality CBD approach prioritises slow adjustments, recognising that your body will respond best to incremental changes.

First up, start out with 70mg. Since this is where satisfaction first spikes, it’s a great way to gauge how you respond to CBD. This approach has seen great success in other fields and treatments, and is known as a loading dose. We’d recommend starting out with a high strength CBD oil.

Take 70mg a day for a week, and then evaluate how you feel. Has there been tangible difference? Do you feel satisfied with the results? If not, either increase by 20mg a day, or stay steady at 70mg (it can take a while for your body to adjust properly). If you are satisfied, then you can experiment with 20mg less a day for a week. That way you’re not using too much unnecessarily, and you can always return to 70mg if that doesn’t work out for you.

Following this cycle of decreasing and increasing week-to-week will eventually lead you to your ideal dosage mark. We’d recommend keeping a short diary to assess your satisfaction level each day with CBD. If you use a scale of 1-10, after a month or so you’ll have a good idea of what dosage was working the best for you. Once you’ve found a point you’re genuinely satisfied with, just stick to it!

The importance of consistency with CBD

You may have noticed when we were discussing the dosage you should take with CBD, that each time we made sure to emphasise that this was a daily dose. Regardless of whether you take your dose all in one go, or take it spread out over several different times and several different methods, taking your CBD on a daily basis is incredibly important. 

CBD consistency graph | Cannabidiol | Best CBD results

Unlike medications that you take to tackle a problem directly, and then don’t use again, CBD is different. The goal of CBD is to incorporate it into your balanced lifestyle, promoting further support and stability. The only way to achieve that is by being consistent with your CBD intake. This need for consistency means that using a CBD oil is normally the easiest method.

In further studies they undertook, Vitality CBD found that those who took CBD daily vs. sporadically were 78% more likely to recommend CBD to friends or family. As a metric for satisfaction, the idea that users would more willingly suggest others use CBD with the same frequency shows how key to the CBD experience consistency is. 

Buying CBD

Since we’ve been emphasising the importance of using higher dosages, the first product we’d recommend when you buy CBD would be the high strength CBD Oral Drops/Spray. That way you can get your 70mg in really easily, without having to mix products or methods. 

Our CBD store has plenty of other options too. If you want wicked CBD vapes, look no further than this CBD e-liquid, and if you want topical action, try the signature Vitality CBD Muscle Balm. Got more questions about CBD? Then give our experts a message on our e-liquids contact page.

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