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E-liquids guide: how to cloud chase

Vaping liquid vapour is such a massive phenomenon that it’s not surprising how rapidly it developed its own distinct culture from smoking. Gone are the days of disposable e-cigarettes and quick fix UK e-cigs—now vaping is totally in its own lane, and that’s led to some really cool developments. 

One of the most prominent and prolific signature moves of vapers the world over is cloud chasing, otherwise known as “extreme vaping” or “stunt vaping”. If you’ve seen someone vape e-liquids in public before, no doubt you’ve seen them pluming towers of smoke like some sort of ancient dragon (with a few more tattoos). Jealous? It’s time to learn to cloud chase. 

How does vaping work?

The key to chasing those ginormous clouds with your vape juices is understanding exactly what is happening when you’re vaping. You can’t just pick up any vape device and start ripping giant vapes; you’ve got to get what’s happening when you press that priming button each time you vape. 

Every vape device, whether it’s a simple mouth-to-lung vape pen, or a hulking sub-ohm device with four screens and a pressure gauge, boils down to one simple operation: vaporising liquid vapour. To perform this action, they all contain a heating coil, which is the part you need to understand. 

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The heat is generated by running a current through this metal coil; the resistance (measured in ohms) in the circuit leads to friction, which leads to an increase in temperature. Then, the e-liquid which has soaked into the wick around the coil is atomised and becomes vapour. Bingo. 

This process is why cloud chasing vape liquids requires you to have a sub-ohm device. As we mentioned, ohms measure resistance; the lower the ohms, the lower the resistance, the slower the coil heats up, and the more power can be pushed through it. That means that the liquid vapour can accumulate in far larger quantities, and lead to those giant clouds you’re after. 

What is cloud chasing?

Cloud chasing is the act of trying to produce the densest, largest, overall most impressive cloud of vapour possible from your vaping liquid. Arguably it should be called cloud making, or cloud producing...but cloud chasing sounds way cooler. The craziest part? If you get good enough: fame awaits! 

Competitive cloud chasing is a definite thing; join thousands of “cloud gazers” online and see for yourself! There are all sorts of tricks involved in vape juice cloud chasing that go way beyond the pedestrian smoke rings you might have seen with smoking. People can make ggantic tornadoes, lassos, and whatever the heck a jellyfish is. But first, the basics. 

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The essentials for cloud chasing

Now you know what it is, it’s time to get some vape kits! You already know that a sub-ohm mod is essential, but what else? Let’s run through the gear you’re gonna need:

  • A sub-ohm vape device

Okay sure, you already know this one, but it’s still super important! Any high-powered vape device will do, but nearly all of these are gonna be a sub-ohm mod kit. This is an essential item for any serious vaper, and one that will genuinely improve your vaping liquid experience if you’re looking to become a vape pro. 

  • A high VG e-liquid

Another essential part of any cloud chaser's kit is an e-liquid that’s high on the VG (sometimes even 100%). All e-liquids have a PG/VG ratio; the higher the VG, the thicker the vapour, the higher the PG, the stronger the throat hit and the flavour. Given the size of the clouds, we want to limit throat hit as much as possible!

  • Low nicotine strengths

It might be tempting to stick to your normal nicotine strength, but a lot of cloud chasers will use either a very low nicotine strength, or a 0% nicotine vaping liquid, due to the amount of liquid vapour you’ll be inhaling. Not only that, but lowering the nicotine levels will reduce the harshness of the throat hit, making it way easier to practice cloud chasing. 

Vape tricks | E-liquids | Vape juices

How to cloud chase

You’ve bought a sub-ohm vape device, you’ve got an e-liquid with a high VG ratio and low nicotine levels, and you’ve psyched yourself up. Now what? Thankfully the next steps are pretty straight forward. 

All sub-ohm vape devices are direct-to-lung; all this means is that when you inhale, you do so with a steady long breath in, rather than inhaling to your mouth first, followed by inhaling to your lungs. It’s through this steady inhale that you can accumulate so much dense liquid vapour. 

You’ll want a low airflow to make sure the clouds are dense, but not so low that the mod will overheat! Then, simply inhale for a long, slow period, and follow suit on the exhale. That way, the cloud will have a better chance of sticking together, and not dispersing. 

There are so many other variables, from ohm resistance, to how much wick you use, and even your posture that can affect cloud size. But, since you’re probably not gonna go pro overnight, focus on just getting your core technique down—you’ll figure out soon enough the small changes you can make to make your cloud chasing truly epic. 

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