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E-liquid guide: what are e-liquids?

E-liquid guide: what are e-liquids?

If you’ve made it to, chances are you have some concept of what an e-liquid is, or you’ll have at least heard terms like vapour juice, vaping liquid or even vapour liquid somewhere or another. Still, there’s a difference between having seen people vaping, and actually buying e-liquids

10 years ago you would have likely just seen rudimentary all-in-one, single-use e-cigarettes, but a lot’s change since then. Outside any given pub or train station you’ll see people vaping giant clouds, either using gigantic mod devices or small, discreet vape pens—wild, right? Good job are here to give you a no-nonsense introduction. It’s time to get vaping some vapour liquid

What ingredients are in an e-liquid?

An e-liquid is a mixture that usually contains nicotine (though not always!) and some flavouring, and is designed to simulate the process of smoking when heating up and inhaled. This is achieved by a coil, or a heating element, found in a vape device that turns it into a vapour. The essence of vaping is really as simple as that—delivering nicotine to the body via liquid vapour. 

But what’s in the mixture that makes it safe for vaping? Well, there’s water for a start, and then usually a balance of two ingredients: Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin. You’ll see these written in the ingredients as PG/VG. Both of these liquids have been used in food for yonks, and are viewed as generally safe by the FDA and other governing bodies. 

It’s worth noting that whether it’s called an e-cig liquid, a vapour juice, an e-juice, mod juice, or an e-liquid, all these are referring to the same thing. As with any new trend, a lot of different names and slang phrases have popped up. Don’t get confused thinking you need vape juice and not vapour liquid, since it’s all the same stuff!

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Explaining the PG/VG balance

So, now you know that the best e-liquids are really just made of five core ingredients, let’s break down what those actually influence in your vaping liquid. Since nicotine, vape flavouring and water are all relatively self-explanatory, let’s get into PG/VG, and what those actually influence when you’re vaping e-liquids

Lucky you! This is another question with a really simple answer: if you want a stronger throat hit and vape flavour, go for higher PG, or if you want a smoother vape and a bigger cloud, go for higher VG. There are other factors influenced here, of course, but these are the simplest questions you need to ask yourself when deciding what PG/VG ratio to buy. 

This will affect what vape device you should use, but we’ll get into that in another blog. For now, just know that generally a higher VG is better for direct-to-lung vaping, with its smoother hit and larger clouds, and higher PG for mouth-to-lung due to the more satisfying throat hit. 

What types of e-liquid are there?

We told you earlier that vape liquid and vapour juices and e-cigarettes liquid are all basically the same thing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot (a lot, a lot) of vaping options out there. Sure, there are thousands of different vape flavours, but the main e-juice categories you’ll find on our website are as follows.

These are the cornerstone of every vaper's vaping liquid collection. Like all of these e-cig liquid categories you can get a massive range of vape flavours with 10ml e-liquids, and a variety of PG/VG ratios. These vape liquids are pre-mixed with nicotine, so you can pop your vaping liquid out, load it up, and vape just like that. 

A newer e-liquid category than the others, nic salts are named after a naturally forming form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Put simply, your body can process the liquid vapour more effectively, making for a quicker, more pronounced hit of nicotine. Plus, nic salts users often praise the cleaner throat hit!

So, why is 10ml e-liquid its own category? Well, it relates to regulation that states no e-juice UK containing nicotine can be larger than 10ml. That’s where shortfill e-liquids come in. Typically coming in 50ml and 100ml offerings, these e-cig liquid bottles leave a gap for you to add your own nicotine so you can get a larger bottle of your favourite vape juice. 

Getting a shortfill e-liquid wouldn’t be much good without the nicotine, which is why you need nic shots too. With a variety of different strengths, you can control how much nicotine is in your shortfill e-liquid with great precision. Just make sure to shake it well after adding it!

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Buying your first e-liquid

Well there you go, that was pretty simple right? At we’re super passionate about e-liquids, and we want to show that they’re simple as anything to get your head around. Even better, we stock the best e-liquids available in the UK, ‘cos we’re nice like that. 

For us, vaping vape liquids is all about personal preferences, so when you want to buy an e-liquid, start with vape flavours. We’d recommend grabbing a few 10ml e-liquid options from different suppliers, and just go with your gut! You know whether you prefer sugary fruity flavours or an icy menthol vape flavour hit. Don’t just go for tobacco though, honest! There’s so many other options out there. 

If you want some of our personal vapour juice recommendations, a great starter is the Six Licks Liquid Gold e-liquid. The reason why? Because the best e-liquid vape flavours aren’t just “banana” or “chocolate”, they’re the weird and whacky fusions. With its mouthwatering vape flavour blend of berries and apple, this one is really out of this world. 

Learn more about e-liquids

If you’ve got any more questions about e-liquids, vaping, and everything in between, the team is on hand to help. Just give us a message on our e-liquids contact page, and we’ll hit you up with a response from one of our experts ASAP.

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