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Changing up your e-liquid flavours

There’s no time like the present to switch up your e-liquid game. With so many vape flavours being created, the next opportunity to discover a new taste sensation is just around the corner. However, with so many fantastic vaping liquid brands all trying their best to provide the best flavours, it can sometimes be hard to select a new e-liquid.

If we’re honest, it’s a nice problem to have. We pride ourselves on our enormous selection of brands on our vape store, and we’d love to introduce you to a few of them! We’ve selected a small cross section, including unique tastes and award-winning flavours - some of which you’ll find only at!

TBVC (The Boring Vape Company)

These guys are anything but boring. TBVC is a leader when it comes to bringing brand new vape flavours to the scene, creating unsweetened, all-day vapes that taste like nothing else out there. You’ll be forgiven for looking through their range and not recognising a few fruit names, as the superfruits they base their flavours on come from every corner of the globe.

One of the most striking is the Cheromiya vaping liquid, which is based on a popular fruit in South America, said to have been discovered by the Incas. The fruit is also known as a “custard apple” and that is exactly what this brilliant vape juice delivers. Subtle fruity notes and a creamy hit make for a uniquely delicious e liquid, perfect for all-day vaping.

Jabuticaba is also a brilliant offering from TBVC. Based on a popular fruit from Brazil, this grape-like vape juice offers a deep, dark taste the likes of which have never been seen (or vaped). The Jabuticaba is rare outside of where it's grown, so for a really new and exciting e-liquid that will definitely get people interested, look no further than this vape liquid from TBVC.

Selection of TBVC e-liquids

TBVC offer more incredible vape juices; their range of shortfills including sweet and spicy Sapodilla, fresh Purple Mangosteen and sharp Jackfruit. If you’re looking for something unique but with premium quality, it’s hard to look further than TBVC vape liquids.

Six Licks

If an all-day flavour that won’t quit is what you’re looking for, Six Licks vaping liquids will not disappoint. Since it’s beginnings not too long ago, Six Licks has been making waves, winning multiple awards for its flavoursome and unique vape juices. Releasing new and bespoke vape flavours regularly, this is a range of e-juices you need to try.

Truth or Pear is not only a great name, it’s also a great E-liquid. This delicious vape juice fuses the modern classic combination of strawberry and lime with smooth pear. This results in a fruity and bold vape juice with a velvety edge - perfect any time of day. Truth or Pear is an ideal juice for the summer months, or any month for that matter!

Three different bottles of Six Licks e-liquid

The Six Licks range is home to many other incredible vape liquids, including the awesome Bluemonia and rich Liquid Gold. Their selection is a haven for fruit lovers and those who appreciate big and unapologetically unique vaping flavours. Check them out now, and grab a great deal on Six Licks on our vape store.


A UK based brand, Drenched is responsible for producing some of the finest eliquid flavours around. Some of their vape juices have been around for years, which just shows their popularity amongst vapers.

One such flavour is Cool Blackcurrant, and the name says it all. This classic combo of blackcurrant and menthol leaves a mellow and cool taste on the mouth, perfect for all day vaping. The same goes for Cool Striwi which has the same cool menthol edge but with an intriguing combo of strawberry and lime.

Bottle of Drenched shortfill e-liquid surrounded by cherries

Drenched has a wide range of varied vape flavours including the popular menthols mentioned above, but also fruit combos and delicious desserts. has plenty of Drenched vape juices covered, so go submerge yourself in our Drenched selection!

Future Juice

So far dessert flavours have been a little under-explored. But those with a sweet tooth need not worry, as Future Juice is here. Future Juice’s selection includes some of the most groundbreaking dessert flavours available among vape liquids. A perfect vaping brand for dessert lovers looking to broaden their horizons - or people wondering what it would be like to vape a cheesecake!

One of the best vape flavours they produce is the recently released Butterscotch Custard. An unbelievably moreish vape juice that simply melts in the mouth. Perfect for dessert addicts looking to curb their sweet vape cravings.

Bottle of Future Juice e-liquid against a sci-fi background

Future Juice doesn’t stop there though, they even offer some nifty cereal vaping flavours for those who can’t get enough of that malty breakfast hit. If you love cereal vape liquids, then we bet you’ll dig Future Juice’s Frosted e liquids, including a banana milk version - which is a great idea even for real cereal!

Buy E-liquids

The above is just a small selection of e-liquid brands we think would shake up your vape juice collection, but our full online vape store is absolutely brimming with the UK’s best e liquids. No matter what vape flavours you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Across our shortfills, 10ml e-liquids and Nic Salts we’re sure to have an e-liquid that gets you hyped.

But maybe you’re looking to shake things up further and are aiming to upgrade your current vape device? We’ve got that covered too, with some of the most popular vape mods in the UK featured on our vape store. But don’t just listen to us, check out the store for yourself and grab yourself a sweet vaping deal!

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