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Can you vape without nicotine?

In many ways, especially as the hobby and industry have grown, vaping liquids have begun to replace smoking as a way to use nicotine. However, a common question we get is if it’s possible to vape without the use of nicotine? It’s a great question, and there are plenty of reasons to ask. 

Perhaps you are looking at getting into vaping e-liquids, and are excited to try all of the amazing vape flavours but aren't bothered about the nicotine? Or maybe congratulations are in order and you’ve quit smoking through vaping, but are now set on stopping using nicotine altogether.

Whatever the reason there are a number of options when it comes to reducing or even getting rid of nicotine altogether, and this article should hopefully give you some options and vape juices to explore!

Quitting smoking with vaping

As mentioned, loads of people have successfully used vaping as a way to quit smoking - and hopefully had some fun at the same time. To start with, many may prefer the convenience of 10ml vape liquids, with various nicotine levels coming pre-loaded.

Quit smoking | UK ecig

These are an ideal starting point when we try to kick smoking, as they offer much more convenience and a strong nicotine kick - a perfect vape juice to satisfy those nicotine cravings! As time goes on though, you can move from higher levels of nicotine to lower concentrations (say 20mg to 10mg), slowly moving away from the need for high levels of nicotine.

Eventually it may become tempting to reduce this nicotine level further, and shortfill e-liquids combined with nic shots are a perfect way of doing that. Shortfills are brilliant; easily allowing anyone to control their e-liquid nicotine levels endlessly.

What are shortfills?

Shortfills are a type of vape liquid that comes with zero nicotine content that commonly come in larger bottles. This has loads of advantages, the first being that by using shortfills with nic shots, you can create a vape juice with a custom nicotine level! Nic shots are simply flavourless e-liquids containing nicotine, just add these to your shortfill and boom, your vape juice is ready to go.

As you’ve probably realised, this opens up all sorts of options for those looking to cut down on nicotine. Whether you slowly reduce the level of nicotine over time, or decide that this week you fancy a higher concentration, shortfills give you total control over your vaping liquid.

Another huge advantage of shortfills is the price, which is the reason a lot of regular vapers choose to use them. Because you’re buying more vape juice at once, prices are better, not to mention the environmental savings on packaging. Even if reducing nicotine isn’t of interest to you, for regular vapers, shortfills are the best way to go.

Vaping shortfills without nicotine

This is the big bit, you can even use shortfills without nicotine! This means totally nicotine free vaping, so you can enjoy using your vape device purely for fun. This is the one for those who simply want to start using vape liquids without any addictive substances, but is also the ‘promised land’ for those looking to kick a smoking addiction.

For smokers who are quitting though we highly recommend you don’t make this jump too early. This is not because not smoking nicotine is unhealthy, but if you haven't kicked the habit completely, then not getting that nicotine fix with your e-liquid makes it all the more tempting to reach for a pack of cigarettes!

Other nicotine-free vape juices

Helpfully, shortfills aren't the only e-liquids for nicotine-free vapers, with some brands making nicotine free 10ml liquids for example. An example of one such vape juice is Vitality CBD’s e-liquids. These handy 10ml vape liquids contain no nicotine at all and so are perfect for recreational vapers.

Vape CBD | e cig liquid

These liquids do contain CBD, which is short for cannabidiol - a compound extracted from hemp. It’s a natural ingredient that won’t get you high, with vaping CBD growing in popularity. For more information on vaping CBD, check out this article to get all the info you need.

Buy e-liquids

If you’re looking for some zero nicotine juices, or perhaps just want to browse various strengths, we’ve got the best online vape store right here. Shortfills and nic shots are available, as well as a range of other vaping products such as 50/50s, nic salts and even the latest vape devices.

Buy e-liquid | Vape store

Whatever your vaping need is, we’ve got the right product for you. Better yet, with our awesome deals across the range, you can net yourself some serious deals on the best vaping gear around.

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