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4 reasons to start vaping Nic Salts today

Whether you’re new to vaping, or a veteran cloud chaser, there’s always new e-liquids and vape flavours to experience. More than that, there’s totally new types of vape juice to try. If you’ve not given Nic Salts a go, or don’t even know what Nicotine Salts are, we’re here to tell you—you’re missing out!

Not all e-liquids are created equal, and Nic Salts are truly the crème de la crème of the vape liquid world. We’re going to give you 4 reasons why you’re going to love vaping Nic Salts, but first up, let’s remind ourselves what we mean when we’re talking about e-liquids as a whole. 

What are e-liquids?

E-liquids, vape juices, e-cigarettes—all of these words ultimately refer to the same product. An e-liquid is any juice designed for use in a vape device, whether it’s a single-use e-cig or a sub-ohm tank. But what are these eliquids made out of exactly?

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Well, unlike the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco, e-juices are essentially just nicotine vapour. That’s why they’re so often used as an alternative to smoking! Most e-liquids only contain nicotine, water, flavourings and two other liquids known as PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). That’s it! The whole shebang!

These last two liquids dictate the cloud size and vape flavour intensity when you vape, but other than that it’s really just nicotine vapour. PG and VG are both sugar alcohols and are included in many consumable products, whether it’s food or drinks. That’s why they’re approved as safe to use in vape juices. 

What are Nic Salts?

You know what an e-liquid is, sure, but what good is that when you want to know about Nic Salts? Don’t worry, we’re getting to it! Now, despite their name, Nic Salts, or Nicotine Salts, aren’t any different in consistency from normal e-liquids. This isn’t salt like you’d put on your dinner—they’re still vaping liquids don’t worry.

The “salt” part refers to the different kind of nicotine present in these e-liquids. Rather than freebase nicotine, nicotine salt is the purest form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. This crystalline salt is blended with benzoic acid so it’s usable in vape devices and that’s it. Simple as anything. But why are Nicotine Salts so sought after currently?

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4 reasons to vape Nic Salts today

Here we go! This is what you’re here to find out, and we’re here to break it down for you. We can’t get enough of Nic Salts in the office, and we’ve spent a long time thinking about why they’re so damn good. Let’s run through the top four reasons now. 

1. Smooth throat hit

This is one of the major benefits of vaping Nic Salts that people rave about, and with good reason! Thanks to the lower alkalinity of Nicotine Salt e-liquids as a result of the benzoic acid, you can vape these vape juices for way longer without the harsh hit at the back of your throat. 

2. Fast absorbing

Due to the way Nicotine Salts are made, the nicotine is absorbed much more efficiently by your body. In fact, it’s much more similar to the way in which nicotine is absorbed when smoking cigarettes, which is why Nic Salts are so popular with ex-smokers. 

3. Higher concentrations

Part of the benefit of having a smoother throat hit with Nic Salts is that these e-liquids can be vaped at much higher concentrations than normal e-liquids. That’s another reason why Nic Salt vape juices prove so popular with ex-smokers on our online vape shop. 

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4. Use less e-liquids

A knock-on effect of all of the above is that you’ll end up using less e-liquids as well! Since you can vape at higher concentrations, and the nicotine absorbs much more effectively, you’ll find yourself using less vape juice week-to-week. Every little helps!

Buying Nic Salt e-liquids

Now you’re all up to date on Nicotine Salts, it’s time to actually buy Nic Salt e-liquids! We’ve got plenty of other options available, like 10ml e-liquids, 50/50s and Shortfill vape juices, but after everything we’ve said you’d be mad to not give a Nic Salt a vape, right?

But what’s our favourite nic salt, you ask? Honestly trying a bunch is the best bet, but our current go-to is probably the Six Licks Bluemonia. The frozen sensation goes perfectly with the smooth throat hit, making this a berry e-liquid you won’t forget quickly.

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